How can I copy and paste text?

I want to save time typing. How can I copy and paste on my iPad?

1. Place and hold your finger over the first word you would like to copy in order to highlight the text. You will see a magnifying glass appear; highlighting the word your finger is touching.

2. When you release your finger, the word you selected will be highlighted with a blue bar on either side. Place your finger on the blue bar at the end of the word, and drag it over every part of the text you wish to copy.

3. Once you have highlighted all the text, release your finger. The entire text will now be highlighted with a blue bar at the beginning and end. Two black boxes will appear, marked ‘Copy’ and ‘Search’. Tap ‘Copy’ to copy the highlighted content.

4. To paste the content, simply hold your finger down in the place you choose to paste it until a black box marked ‘Paste’ appears. Tap ‘Paste’ and your content will appear.