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I can't find the document I need to mark-up.

To annotate a document or photo, you'll have to attach it to a report in the Associated Documents section, which is at the bottom of every report.

To associate a document or photo to a report:

  1. Go to the Associated Document section located at the bottom of the report sections.
  2. Tap "Add Photo" to add a photo. Name the photo and then you can either take a picture with the iPad or add from your Photo Library. Mark-up as needed.
  3. Tap "Add Document" to add a PDF from your Document Library. Any reports associated in the Job set-up will appear in a list. If you don't see the report you need, then use the search bar to locate it. Mark-up as needed.
  4. To delete an associated document, swipe right to left over it and then tap the "Remove" button.