I can't connect my Elcometer device

I want to connect my Elcometer device, so that I can start importing reading to TruQC.

To connect Elcometer device to TruQC:

  1. Turn on the Elcometer device
  2. Go to Menu > Bluetooth > Select "Enable Bluetooth"
  3. Go to your iPad > Settings > Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth
  4. Select the Device (Device Type/Bluetooth ID) and Pair it
  5. Accept the Pairing on the Elcometer device

Helpful Hints:

  • If you are unable to turn on your gauge, be sure to check that the batteries are inserted correctly.
  • The device must be on and you must batch your readings for them to import into TruQC.
  • Don't know what year your gauge was made? Go to Menu > About > Gauge Information. It will say the year of the device along the bottom of the screen.
  • Want to program your device to take a certain number of readings per batch? For example, if you are using a scanning probe and only want to take three readings in each scan you can:
    • Go to your Elcometer Settings
    • Create Batch
    • New Batch
    • Fix Batch Size
    • Now, you can adjust your batch size to what you require for that job